New Music From The Inbox – Monday Edition! (Apr 15, 2019): Mounties, Yucca King, Spanish Love Songs, and more! – A Journal of Musical Things

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  • al always churns out interesting tunes, and this single from upcoming long-awaited Heavy Meta is no exception – shifting from one theme to another without losing its cohesive, captivating groove, Mounties keeps its listeners guessing as often as they do dancing.
  • Proggy, disjointed alt rock with a healthy helping of modern funk – if only to purposely throw away the groove to throw off the listener.
  • For a song called ” Panic Attack” the patchwork, anxious nature of Yucca King’s performance is certainly to be expected: yowling vocals, syncopated rhythms, vanishing instrumentals, and plenty of trippy arpeggiating scales don’t exactly make this head-bobbing listen a relaxing one.

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