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Expect Disney’s The Lion King to Stay the Course After Tomorrow’s Premiere

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With the 2019 version of The Lion King coming to theaters this weekend, don’t expect there to be a big difference from the original film in terms of its core principles and story. Many have questioned why a remake was even done if they we’re just going to “modernize” the 1999 film. For example here is a quote from Vanity on the film.

“Favreau’s The Lion King is an undeniably impressive, but incredibly safe entry to the catalog” — Variety

Director Jon Favreau had this to say in an interview with ABC.

“I think this story has been enduring now since it first hit the screen as a 2D animated film and then through the theatrical run of the musical production and people know it very, very well … millions and millions of people know it, have grown up with it, have seen it over and over again and certainly know the music. 

We felt that it wasn’t appropriate for us to take the title and make up our own story. We really wanted to stick to the things people remembered.”

Disney has done really well remaking their classic films, especially with Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Aladdin which also released this year. The two films grossed $1,801 ($m) and $1,368 ($m) respectively. Expect The Lion King to do somewhere in the middle if not higher than those figures. While critics have been, well, critical, of Disney’s releases, the public has shared a different opinion.

Check out Disney’s The Lion King this weekend and let us know what you thought of the newest remake of a Disney classic.

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