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5 Long Distance,Quarantine-Safe Dating Ideas

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They say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. With so many couples breaking up and getting divorced due to too much time together, you have the opposite problem. You’re away from your partner and are feeling very much alone. But with technology, you can still go on a long-distance “date.” Check out some of these ideas.

Video conferencing

The easiest way to feel less alone is to jump on a video conference call with your partner. You can do this while eating dinner and after dinner, plan to watch a movie or TV series together via your Zoom or Skype connection.

Play a game

No, not a monopoly. Enter a virtual world and play a multiplayer video game, like DOTA 2. These games allow you to battle together and many of them include chat functions that allow you to strategize together. They say that couples who endure hard times together stay together. This is also true for couples who take over virtual, enemy villages together.

Attend a live streaming concert together

Many musicians are live streaming concerts and performances online. Find an artist you both like and sign on to watch the performance together. Some of these platforms allow you to chat with each other or wait until the end to talk on the phone. One great thing about these online concerts is when it’s over, you can crawl into bed without having to worry about finding your car in the parking lot.

Workout together

Like musicians, fitness trainers are live-streaming their workout sessions. If you’re both into the same type of workout videos, follow along together. Or even better, try a brand new workout together! You can share your progress with each other via text or phone call. 

Move furniture

Looking to spruce up your home, but need some interior decorating advice? Get your partner on video conference and move some furniture around. You’ll get exercise and something new to talk about while still maintaining good social distancing. It’ll also give you both something to look forward to when the stay-at-home orders lift and you can visit each other again.

Love isn’t dead just because there is a pandemic going on right now. It just needs some creative help from technology to stay connected through these difficult times.

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