Andrew Gillum Withdraws from Public Life

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Andrew Gillum, highly regarded Florida Democrat who narrowly lost his bid for the governorship in 2018, was found drunk in a Mondrian South Beach hotel room in Miami last week. He was found vomiting and unable to communicate due to the intoxication. There, along with him, was another man who had three bags of presumed crystal methamphetamine in his possession. He was experiencing a drug overdose, which required police to administer CPR. He did not survive.

Gillum later issued a statement that he had too much to drink. He went on to say that after his defeat in the race for governor, he had developed an issue with depression that led to alcohol addiction. The statement went on to say that he will resign from public life for the foreseeable future in order to enter rehabilitation. He also issued an apology to the people of Florida for the distraction that the incident had caused his movement.

Mr. Gillum is an African-American and a leading voice in America’s progressive movement. In 2018, he ran for governor of Florida against Republican Ron DeSantis and narrowly lost. The campaign was nasty with DeSantis being accused of making racially charged remarks. After his election defeat, Gillum joined CNN as a political analyst.

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