Ariana Grande’s Forever 21 Lawsuit Hits Speed Bump

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Ariana Grande has a $10 million dollar lawsuit pending against Forever 21. Her suit accuses the retailer of using her “likeness” to promote their brand without permission. The company is due to respond to the lawsuit in court by November 8th, but things may have changed, they certainly will be delayed. 

Forever 21 recently filed for bankruptcy as they’ve become another retailer to struggle in an Amazon world. That means any pending lawsuits are put on hold indefinitely. Bankruptcy gives the company time to reorganize. With normal creditors, as part of the company’s reorganization, it would settle the debt for pennies on the dollar. A lawsuit might be treated differently since the ruling has yet to be made by the court. In either case, nothing will happen until the company stabilizes.

Ms. Grande is going to have to wait before the case moves forward, but we don’t have worry about her. With an estimated $50 million bankroll, the superstar isn’t exactly struggling for money. More on this as it develops! 

Source: https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/ariana-grande-experiences-s10-million-dollar-lawsuit-defeat-news.93648.html

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