Sunday was a big day for Marvel fans, as Kevin Feige president of Marvel Studios announced “Phase 4” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Comic-Con. Fans were in a frenzy as title after title was announced.

Angelina Jolie is headlining the new movie The Eternals, which was apart of the announcement of five new title releases. The Eternals is set to drop in 2020 along with Black Widow, while Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange, and a new Thor movie are set to drop in 2021. Along with the new movie releases, Feige to a roar of cheers from the crowd announced the new titles for TV Series, which included The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in 2020, WandaVision, Loki, What If, and Hawkeye all to drop in 2021. Those TV Series will feature on Disney’s new streaming service, “Disney +”.

While those are the projects already in production, the biggest hype came in the final announcements about the projects in the works. Feige teased the audience with some spoilers of what else Marvel fans can expect as he closed out the presentation;

“We didn’t even mention that we’re making Black Panther 2, we didn’t mention the fact that Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is coming, we didn’t have time to talk about Captain Marvel 2, I didn’t even have time to talk about The Fantastic Four. And now there’s no time left to talk about mutants (X-Men)

The crowd was literally beside themselves cheering and roaring like their team just won a world championship, or their coveted presidential candidate just won the presidency. BUT WAIT …there’s more.

Perhaps the biggest announcement that nobody was expecting was that two time Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali will be the new Wesley Snipes in a remake of the Blade movies. This seems like a perfect fit, and personally we cannot wait to see a trailer for the new look Blade. 

Overall, Marvel Studios brought down the house at Comic-Con, and Phase 4 on the surface looks like it will not disappoint. Let us know your thoughts on the announcement, and what releases you are most excited about. 

PlayStation 5 is in the works…that we know.

What we don’t know is when it will be released, how much it will cost, or if the name will even be PlayStation 5. It is a pretty safe assumption PS5 will be the name of Sony’s newest console as has been consistent with all their console names since the original PlayStation, but that has yet to be confirmed. Let’s discuss what we do know about the inevitable release from Sony.

As far as the release date goes, we know it will not be dropping before April of 2020. Sony has been rather tongue in cheek about the subject matter keeping info on the release date close to chest. It is very possible a release could be closer to the holiday season of 2020 as Microsoft has so often done with the release of their Xbox units. In terms of the pricing, while that information has also not been disclosed, Sony did say they believe the pricing will be very appealing to gamers “in light of its advanced feature set”.

We do know that “PS5” WILL be compatible with PS4 games, also known as backwards compatibility, it will have SSD storage, and will support PSVR. That you can take to the bank. The SSD storage means that games will load much faster than those on the PS4, and can handle way more objects on screen than what the current devices can handle with a HDD storage system. We also know that the “PS5” will include a disc drive, so you still will be able to buy your games with a hard disc copy, and not have to download them all off an online store.

The public is still awaiting a ton of specifics from Sony, but teaser announcements from the company would suggest that the system is not too far away. Is the “PS5” going to be the next best system? Time will tell, but we certainly will be awaiting more info from the tech giants, Sony. 

With the 2019 version of The Lion King coming to theaters this weekend, don’t expect there to be a big difference from the original film in terms of its core principles and story. Many have questioned why a remake was even done if they we’re just going to “modernize” the 1999 film. For example here is a quote from Vanity on the film.

“Favreau’s The Lion King is an undeniably impressive, but incredibly safe entry to the catalog” — Variety

Director Jon Favreau had this to say in an interview with ABC.

“I think this story has been enduring now since it first hit the screen as a 2D animated film and then through the theatrical run of the musical production and people know it very, very well … millions and millions of people know it, have grown up with it, have seen it over and over again and certainly know the music. 

We felt that it wasn’t appropriate for us to take the title and make up our own story. We really wanted to stick to the things people remembered.”

Disney has done really well remaking their classic films, especially with Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Aladdin which also released this year. The two films grossed $1,801 ($m) and $1,368 ($m) respectively. Expect The Lion King to do somewhere in the middle if not higher than those figures. While critics have been, well, critical, of Disney’s releases, the public has shared a different opinion.

Check out Disney’s The Lion King this weekend and let us know what you thought of the newest remake of a Disney classic.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Co. has been a pioneer in the automobile industry with their revolutionary electric car technologies. While the company has not been known to do traditional marketing like other car companies, they may be close to finalizing a unique marketing agreement with Disney.

According to reports, Tesla and Disney are talking about the Tomorrowland Speedway ride at Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando. The ride allows participants to drive a go-kart along a track, essentially putting the thrill of the “ride” in the hands of the user. Those go-karts are gas powered. Reports are saying that the deal between Tesla and Disney would involve changing out all the gas powered go-karts for electric go-karts, with the Tesla logo and surely some of their technologies.

It is a brilliant move from Tesla’s point of view, and should truly benefit both parties. Disney goes more green with electric operated go-karts. Meanwhile, Tesla will welcome thousands upon thousands of kids behind the wheel of an electric powered go-kart with their name on it. These are kids mind you, who are  just a handful of years away from getting their driving licenses. Drive electric as a kid, drive electric as an adult?

Let us know your thoughts on electric cars, could you see yourself in one?

We will continue to monitor the behind the scenes rumbles of the potentially new venture between two very popular companies.

The Disney Brand has been built around family, dreams, happiness, and joy. The parks are referred to as “The Happiest Place on Earth”. However, what Disney heiress Abigail Disney found when she visited the theme park was anything but the aforementioned characteristics.

Abigail Disney didn’t recall anything different about the thousands of visitors who pass through the theme parks daily, but rather with the heart and soul of the operation, the day to day park employees. 

“Every single one of these people I talked to were saying, ‘I don’t know how I can maintain this face of joy and warmth when I have to go home and forage for food in other people’s garbage,’”

She continued …

“I was so livid when I came out of there because, you know, my grandfather taught me to revere these people that take your tickets, that pour your soda. Those people are much of the recipe for success.”

While Disney has taken their fair share of criticism in the past regarding the employee work environments, racism, and equal pay, these comments coming from within the Disney family speak much louder.

CEO Bob Iger has taken Disney to new heights financially, and in terms of global awareness, but Abigail, known for being a philanthropist, is calling out the CEO on his salary. A salary he pays to himself, to the tune of 66 million dollars a year. According to a study, that is 1,000 times what the average Disney employee made last year.

Apparently Abigail wrote Iger an email on the subject, but has still yet to hear back. There is no doubt the Disney brand is thriving right now. One can only hope that upper management, starting with the CEO, will share the wealth with those who hold down the foundation of the company.

Netflix is treating some of their old Marvel series that have completed like an old car, scrap it, and sell it for parts. While these “old cars” were good for netflix in their days it’s time now to close the books on series such as Daredevil and Luke Cage, and get every last dollar out of it they can.

Clearly there is a market across Marvel superfans to buy items used in the series. For example, you could buy the Punisher’s actual mailbox for $300 if you are so intrigued to do so. If your pockets are deep, throw a bid in on some of the Daredevil costumes, they’re valued around $25,000 a piece.

The auction will be taking place on live television on August 12th and 13th. There are dozens of items listed up for auction which is being run through the host Prop Store. Take a look at some of the items listed and the details of the upcoming auction at this link. What would you be interested in buying if money wasn’t an issue?

In light of Disney’s recent trend of reproducing films from their golden era into modern live action movies, Disney has hit a fork in the road when it comes to classifying their next big release, and one of their most popular titles of all time, The Lion King.

Almost all of the movies from the Golden Era were animated cartoons so to speak, and while other remakes such as Mulan and Aladdin are truly “live-action” movies with real humans on screen, the Lion King is something different. While the voices of the characters feature some of the most popular actors and actresses in the industry, the characters themselves are animated, computer generated, almost, real, but definitely not actually real, because they’re well, talking animals.

Disney still isn’t sure how to market or categorize The Lion King for awards for example, as the movie is expected to be in the conversation for many awards come years end. While the music and soundtrack will stand well on their own, what Disney has to decide still (movie is released July 19th) is how it will advertise the film in terms of classification. It is almost certainly an animation, CGI like, or even in the category of VR. Think some scenes from Game of Thrones with the dragons.

The question remains, will The Lion King be in the same category as the likes of Toy Story, or more along the lines of the Jungle Book which had both live action actors and VR effects. How do you think Disney will promote the upcoming hit, and are you anxiously awaiting to see it?

Disney had announced in 2015 that they were making a remake to the 1998 children’s movie Mulan which at the time was a cartoon, and a favorite among Disney movie faithful. The original release date was set to be in 2018, but that has since been pushed back to the spring/summer of 2020. The teaser trailer video was released on Sunday, and many are shocked, excited, and a bit confused at what they saw.

The remake be a live-action film, or in simpler terms, with real actors. No cartoon, no digital anime. It stars Chinese actress Liu Yifei as Mulan with a supporting cast featuring the likes of prominent international actors Donnie Yen, Jet Li, and Gong Li. After having seen the trailer, the new version of Mulan is much different than what many have come to expect from Disney movies. It appears this Mulan remake will be more along the lines of a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon meets Karate Kid meets Disney movie foundation.

The reviews have been mixed thus far between praise and lambast. For one, there was no Mushu, the talking dragon, shown in the previews who was a fan favorite in the 1998 edition. While there could be a Mushu like role in the movie, we’d recommend you expect there not to be. Some feel this is more along the lines of the actual legendary story of Mulan, while others are very upset their favorite character likely won’t play a role. Additionally there has been disputes over the region in which Mulan hails from. Chinese fans noted the scenes being from the lands of southern China instead of northern China where it is said Mulan is supposed to be from.

Finally, the 1998 edition of Mulan was a musical; common across Disney cartoon movies from that era. It is unlikely that will be the case in this remake as well, so don’t bank on any Christina Aguilera tracks.

Overall this movie takes on a much more serious identity of the story of Mulan, and while it is a different take on a Disney children’s classic, it should draw a ton of international recognition, while attracting a larger demographic audience.

Check out the trailer of Disney’s Mulan remake and let us know how you feel about this newly rendered spin of the late 90’s classic.

With the U.S. Women’s National Team celebrating a World Cup Championship in Paris just hours prior, the U.S. Men’s National Team had a final of their own Sunday night. The writing was on the wall for a triumphant weekend for US Soccer as millions of Americans observed Independence Day holiday, but Mexico had something to say about it. Soldier Field in Chicago was the setting for the 2019 Gold Cup Final where Mexico defeated the United States thanks to a late winner from Jonathan dos Santos.

The game was played to a 0-0 stalemate in the first half, with all statistical categories being essentially even as well. The scoreless halftime draw wasn’t for lack of chances however. The USA got off to a fast start with Pulisic getting in behind in the 5th minute and denied by Ochoa. Then in the 7th minute Jozy Altidore had a clear 1v1 with Ochoa and rolled it wide of the post. Arriola would also have a great chance in the 30th minute but that too rolled wide, and the U.S. had little to show for their great first half efforts.

Morris had a header cleared off the line in the 50th minute of the second half from a Pulisic corner kick as the U.S. looked to be snake bit. Fast forward to the 72nd minute and Mexico’s standouts Jiminez and dos Santos combined for a beautiful sequence at the top of the USA box, which resulted in a top class finish dos Santos on his left foot into the upper corner of the net. That would be all from the scoring as some late pressure from the USA amounted to nothing.

It was a well played game from both teams, and both teams had their moments to seize control. In the end it was Mexico who grabbed their record setting 8th Gold Cup title in Chicago Sunday night. Christian Pulisic was named young player of the tournament, a formality at the least. The final closed the summer international window for the two teams as players will head back to their respective clubs for MLS & MX league action, or preseason across Europe. The future looks brighter for team USA, who are loaded with some young talent, they now need to learn how to win big games together to take that next jump.

What did you think of the Gold Cup Final? Let us know in the comment section below.

Remember Ariana Grande’s emotional performance a few weeks back in Pittsburgh? Well, according to Grande, she is “still processing a lot” as she continues through her Sweetener Tour across the USA, which will eventually head to Europe. Breaking out in tears during her latest performance in St. Louis, she took to twitter afterwards saying “I feel everything very intensely, and I have committed to doing this tour during a time in my life when I’m still processing a lot. So sometimes I cry a lot”

Over the span of the last two years there has been a lot going on in the life of the pop-star. From the suicide bombing at her concert in Manchester back in May 2017, to the death of Mac Miller, to the end of her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, there has been a tremendous amount of emotions for Grande to deal with, all the while releasing a new album and peforming it on tour.

Grande will head back to Manchester this August as a headliner for Manchester Pride, her first performance back in Manchester since the suicide bombing in 2017. We expect there to be much more tears and emotion from Grande over the next handful of performances as she continues to fight the internal struggles that have plagued her emotionally for quite some time now.