Cardi B Is Done Doing Interviews

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With her new Netflix project “Rhythm + Flow” on the horizon, Cardi B sat down with Access Hollywood for the standard promotional interview. For Cardi, everything seemed normal, until Access Hollywood used a quote of hers for a clickbait video headline. The headline read “Cardi B Admits Baby Kulture Calls Someone Else ‘Mommy’ Because She Works So Much: It ‘Feels Wack’.”

When Cardi B got word of it, she went to her favorite platform, Instagram, to set the record straight. That turned out to be a bad idea. Here’s the most notable quote from the rant. 

“Access Hollywood, suck my whole d***. S*** a d***, I hope your f****** mom catch AIDS, b****.” 

Cardi went on to explain that the clip used by Access Hollywood was taken out of context and that in the full quote she explained how important it is to be present for your child and she has made a priority in doing so. While Access Hollywood was wrong for making Cardi appear like a bad mother, Cardi’s response was no better.  She received tons of negativity specifically for the AIDS reference.

At the end of her rant she claimed the incident has helped her make a decision that she is completely done with interviews.

Access Hollywood took the video down and tried to reach out and apologize to Cardi B. There have been no reports to date of Cardi apologizing for her AIDS comment. 


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