1. Daddy Yankee (featuring Snow) – Con Calma

About 15 seconds into the song you’ll recognize Daddy Yankee’s clever sampling of Snow’s 1993 smash “Informer.”  Putting a slightly raunchier twist on the early 90’s relic, Yankee intelligently appeals to his American audience by bringing it up to date. In the song, he’s mesmerized by a woman’s sensuous dancing. He can’t keep his eyes off her body. There should be no surprise that a song in praise of dancing would end up becoming a club scorcher. Listen to Daddy Yankee’s hot, Latin dance version of the song.

2. Bad Bunny (featuring Drake) – MIA

When translated to English, these lyrics are incredibly sweet and wholesome. Bad Bunny and Drake vow to do “everything” for their girls offering repeated reassurance with “you are mine”.  Drake’s singing in Spanish works wonderfully, especially because it is such a rarity. The upbeat song sounds relatively generic, but when seasoned with such nice lyrics, it’s hard not to smile. It’s smoother beat is a great backdrop for when you’re chilling poolside or for a quiet walk in the woods.

Bad Bunny combined with Drake makes for a power duo similar to his work with Cardi B.  Their “I Like It” has nearly 800 million streams on Spotify while “MIA”, which was released back in October, sits with a little over 500 million plays.

3. Pedro Capó X Farruko- Calma

Pedro Capó comes from a musical family. His father, Bobby Capó, was a famous singer in the salsa community. This is the second song in the top five to feature the word “Calma” (calm).  Staying true to its title, “Calma” sits on a laidback slower tempo. It tells a tale of unwinding in the serenity of a Puerto Rican beach watching the waves while drinking Sangria with a girl. Capó does a great job promoting a place he obviously loves – maybe more than the girl – by declaring “there’s no need to leave Puerto Rico”. Listen to “Calma”, which features a rap from Puerto Rican reggaeton artist, Farruko.

4. DJ Snake (featuring Selena Gomez, Ozuna, and Cardi B) – “Taki Taki”

This is a song that has been floating around radio stations for quite some time. Almost every bar seems to play this track, which makes it nearly inescapable. DJ Snake primarily creates trap music, exemplified by the memorable track “Turn Down For What”. How could anyone forget that song, which builds to a crescendo as Lil Jon chaotically chants the lyrics as if they were a mantra to live by.

Six years later, DJ Snake proves with “Taki Taki” that he’s capable of building a song with a more structured format. “Taki Taki Rumba” suggests an “illness to dance” and DJ Snake’s bachata-esque beat accurately backs up the suggestion. This track exemplifies the perfect recipe for a Top 100 song. The presence of Selena Gomez and Cardi B give it global appeal resulting in the song going top ten in over thirty countries.

5. Manuel Turizo – Sola

Colombian, Manuel Turizo’s reggaeton sound, with its catchy dance hooks, has burst onto the scene over the past few years. “Sola”, much like the other songs in the top five, describes a woman’s enticing dance moves. But “Sola” means alone, and this girl wants to be by herself. Still, our hero is able to win over her heart to get her to dance with him. The song describes the isolation the two feel amidst all the other dancers on the floor. When together, they are capable of ignoring everything else. To check out the song, listen here.