Colin Kaepernick’s Workout Audible

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The whole Colin Kaepernick NFL workout seemed staged from the start. Much to the surprise of many, Kaep played along every step of the way, until he did what great quarterbacks do, a last second audible. The saga took another surreal turn Saturday when he nixed the NFL-arranged workout only an hour before its start time, instead the exiled quarterback staged his own impromptu passing display on a high school field 60 miles to the other side of metro Atlanta. 

Kaepernick threw passes for about 40 minutes at Charles Drew High School and spent nearly that long signing autographs for a crowd that steadily grew as word spread that the quarterback who led the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl was in the neighborhood. Kaepernick decided to hold his own workout to allow the media in, unlike the workout set up by the league, which kept the general media out. 

“Our biggest thing with everything today was to make sure we had transparency in what went on,” Kaepernick said. “We weren’t getting that elsewhere, so we came out here.” Of the original 25 team representatives scheduled to be in attendance at the Atlanta Falcons’ practice facility, only 8 made it across the city for the high school field workout including reps from the Eagles, Chiefs, Jets, and Redskins. 

“I’ve been ready for three years,” Kaepernick said after his workout. “I’ve been denied for three years. We all know why. I came out here today and showed it in front of everybody. We have nothing to hide. We’re waiting for the 32 owners, the 32 teams, (Commissioner) Roger Goodell, all of them to stop running, stop running from the truth, stop running from the people.”

Ultimately, Kaep just looked good, not great. He’s still got some zip, but struggled with some accuracy on deep balls. He didn’t do much to really attract or detract a team from signing him. What he did do was turn the NFL’s trap day into a positive press day for himself. That seemed to be his whole goal here. It will be interesting to see if any team bites now that Kaep has essentially been given the green light by the NFL for teams to give him a shot. 


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