Dorian Hit The Bahamas; Next the American Southeast

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Hurricane Dorian hit The Bahamas hard last weekend killing at least seven people at last count.  The Prime Minister described the category five storm that stalled over the islands for more than 50 hours as the worst storm to ever hit his country.  Dramatic rescue efforts are underway due to massive flooding and destruction. 

As the hurricane finally moved westward passed the islands, toward the US, it was downgraded from a category five to a category three storm. 

Still a powerhouse, preparations for Dorian’s arrival are being made on the East coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in anticipation of a storm track that’s expected to bend northward as it approaches Florida.  Even the Orlando resorts, on Florida’s West coast, are closing down as is Orlando’s Airport.  The governors of Georgia and South Carolina have ordered over a million people to evacuate the coastal areas. Already 1.5 million people have fled for safety. In Florida, the evacuation orders are for low-lying areas, flood prone areas and mobile homes. Dorian will make a very long week for the American Southeast.

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