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Drake Booed Off Stage At Camp Flog Gnaw Fest

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Tyler the Creator’s Camp Flog Gnaw Fest went off for its 8th straight year at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The carnival featured performances from YG, DaBaby, 21 Savage, and of course Tyler the Creator. The special guest performance was none other than Drake, but much to the surprise of both Drake, and Tyler, Drake was literally booed off the stage. 

Videos, such as this one, surfaced on the internet amidst Drizzy’s performance showing him getting booed off the stage. After finishing a song to crickets, he reached out to the audience saying, “Like I said I’m here for you, if you want me to keep going, I’ll keep going.” The response was boo’s and no’s, so Drake called it quits, understandably. “It’s been love. I go by the name of Drake, thank you for having me,” he said as he exited the stage. 

Many fans were under the impression Frank Ocean would be performing in Drake’s spot, thanks to an Instagram live recording and Ocean’s good relationship with Tyler. That obviously was not the case, and Drake fell victim to the false hopes of the fans in the audience. Tyler the Creator was not happy with his fans and the way they treated Drake. His Twitter rant made that clear. Check out the entire rant here. 

Credit to Drake, he handled it all with class and dignity. 


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