Google Gets Its Tinder On

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Are you familiar with Tinder’s swipe left for yes, swipe right for no model? The online dating application’s selection style has become a standard for their platform and beyond. Now it’s making its way to Google.

In a world in which there is an unfathomable amount of content to select from, viewers often find themselves stuck in a continuous cycle of decision making. Google is here to fix that thanks to their version of the swipe left/right idea model.

Google Search product manager Matt Sheets explains, “Starting today in the US, when you search for things like ‘good shows to watch’ or ‘what to watch’ on mobile, you can tap the start button in the ‘Top picks for you’ carousel to begin rating TV shows and movies. You can swipe through to make some recommendations to start getting personalized choices, tailored just for you.” Once you have made your selection, the search tool also helps you find where it is available, be it Netflix, Amazon, HBO, or on cable television. The system will become more intelligent based on your prior selections.

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