Harvard Business Review Reveals Huge Need for Skill Retraining

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New technologies are changing work life quickly. Research by McKinsey & Co. claims that half of the world’s jobs are at risk of being automated away while the World Economic Forum projects that 42% of core job skills will change by 2022.

Many industries and countries aren’t prepared for these changes. A recent global survey of business, technology and data science skills in 60 countries with 80% of the world’s population by Coursera, the online educator, highlighted the differences. Notably, Europe did better than both China and the US in the skills study. Twelve of the top 15 countries were European with Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany doing best. Chile was the one Latin American country make the top 15 coming in at number 11. The US ranked 18th, largely because of lagging skills in the American South. Naturally, poorer countries are generally less prepared for future job skills.

As would be expected, of the ten industries studied, manufacturing, consulting and telecommunications did particularly well.


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