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Hustlers Early Success Has Jennifer Lopez In Oscars Discussion

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It’s been a little over 20 years since Jennifer Lopez arrived on the acting scene with her role in Selena. Now 2019, Jennifer Lopez is still very beautiful, still very fierce, and has perhaps the strongest role in a film she has ever had. “Hustlers” released in theaters on October 10th and has done extremely well in its opening week. It’s a story of women in the mid to late ‘00’s working in a New York strip club who band together to coerce greedy Wall Street clientele by using their own methods against them. 

Lopez plays the role of Ramona, a seasoned veteran in the male entertainment game, and the brains of the operation within the film. Her and Destiny (Constance Wu) recruit two more entertainers from the club, and execute their “criminal” plan successfully bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. The greed and success of their actions leads to more reckless behavior and ultimately more problems. The movie plays on the power of greed, materialism destructive behavior and manipulation. 

With the well documented early success of the movie, and the powerful messages it delivers, Lopez, the driver of the proverbial destructive vehicle in the film has found her name in Oscar discussion as a result. While she has enjoyed a career in film and music that has been incredibly successful, she might have just had her breakout role at age 50. 

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-10/hustlers-review-jennifer-lopez-plays-stripper-based-true-story/11547070

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