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Insider Claims Apple will Release Augmented Reality Glasses in 2020

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Apple has been working on its first Augmented Reality (AR) headset for years. ARKit was launched in 2017, long before the iPhone X hit the market. This signaled Apple’s official interest in AR. Of course, experiencing AR on iOS devices is just the easiest way to use it.

An insider with an outstanding track record now claims that the first-generation model will go into production later this year before its launch in early 2020. Of course, this insider is none other than TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo has almost predicted every major move Apple has taken in recent years. In a recent research report (via MacRumors), he said the AR goggles will be released early 2020.

This is a surprising time frame for the first Apple glasses. Apple is reported to be working with third-party brands to bring its AR product to market and Changying Precision will produce the chassis. Kuo added that the glasses are sold as an iPhone accessory, which is hardly surprising.

The glasses would take a display role, with computers, networks and positioning all on the iPhone. Fortunately, the iPhone and the glasses will allegedly connect wirelessly. The dream for AR glasses is that one day they can replace the iPhone through miniaturized iPhone hardware in the frame. However, it is still unclear when Apple will bring its first augmented reality glasses to the market.


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