Jennifer Lopez Sued Over Unauthorized Use Of Photo

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With a following of over 100 million people, Jennifer Lopez’s Instagram page is a place of notoriety far more than the average account. So if J-Lo wants to post a photo of herself taken by someone else, odds are there will be a fuss. That is exactly what is happening to Jennifer now, as she’s being sued for $150,000 over a photo she posted on her Instagram more than two years ago. 

The photo was captured by a photographer showing Jennifer and her fiance Alex Rodriguez holding hands in New York City. The lawsuit, filed in the Central District of California’s US District Court last week, states that she used the photo without the organization’s (Splash News and Picture Agency) permission, which has diminished the potential revenue of the photo and any compensation the photographer should receive. 

Unfortunately, this is common in the celebrity world these days. J-Lo isn’t the first to be sued over “misuse” of a photo. The argument behind the suit is that even though a photo might show the image of a person, that person does not own the rights to the photo. It’s actually owned by the photographer and his/her agency.

The conundrum for J-Lo, and any victim of this kind of suit, is that a quick settlement would take this off the table fast, but might encourage further suits.

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