Joker Mesmerizes and Phoenix becomes a Oscar Award Contender

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joker poster
8.5 out of 10

Intriguing, thought provoking and a testament of acting at it’s finest. Joker was amazing and will leave you wanting more. Todd Phillips did not mislead anyone when he said that this film would be a character study of a man who becomes destructive and eventually the villain we all know as the joker. Please keep in mind that there are no huge explosions, money burning or magic tricks with a pencil. You will witness a tragedy of a man who is abused mentally, physically and ready to jump off the edge. Joaquin Phoenix delivers another amazing performance that will surely impress the academy with a Best Actor nomination (possibly will win the statue). The progression of Arthur’s meltdown elevates throughout the film from start to finish. For some, you will find yourself sympathetic to his condition but when he takes extreme action, that sympathy might go out the window. 

Joker is definitely a movie that opens the door for discussion on several topics but cannot be ignored for the different and dark approach that it presents to the audience. As predicted from the various trailers, the cinematography here is beautiful and depicts the time period (80’s) accurately. Outside of Phoenix, the rest of the cast has little to no shine with the exception of Robert De Niro as late night talk show host Murray Franklin and Frances Conroy as Arthur’s mother Penny Fleck. Bottom line, Joker is a satisfying and dark take of DC’s clown prince of crime and will definitely be remembered for years to come.

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