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Legal Marijuana = Lower Teenage Use

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Marijuana is now legal in several states in America. While people supported the legalization of weed, they were also concerned that more teenagers would start using it. Surprisingly though, marijuana use among teens has actually gone down in states where it’s been legalized. Why is that?

ID Required to Enter

There are a few reasons why this could be happening. First, weed dispensaries require their customers to show identification upon entering. You can’t go anywhere near the display cases without proper ID! Anyone who’s ever gone into a dispensary knows how strict the ID checking process is.

Fake IDs aren’t Passable

Even TSA couldn’t compete with the level of scrutiny dispensaries put into reading an ID and comparing pictures to faces. While a fake ID might be passable in a nightclub, there are no dark corners and smokey doorways to hide an odd mark on a fake when in a dispensary where bright, fluorescent lights illuminate the place.

Illegal Dealers are Out

The second reason could be that with the number of legal dispensaries popping up, illegal dealers are going out of business. Purchasing weed illegally requires discretion and a no-questions-asked policy. There are no ID checks. And while the products are cheap, they are also of questionable in quality. Weed dispensaries, by contrast, sell labeled products that have been purified and usually tested by a 3rd party lab.

While the legal marijuana industry isn’t perfect, weed and weed products are safer (albeit more expensive) because of legalization. For adults, the choice is easy. For teenagers, illegal purchasing has become more challenging.

Nothing Rebellious about Weed

Finally, legalizing weed takes the mystery and danger out of smoking it and there’s nothing rebellious about it if your parents are buying and using it too. Ew.

The question now is; Is this early trend in several states real and will we will see it continue across the country when and if marijuana becomes more universally legal? 

Source: https://www.acsh.org/news/2019/10/09/after-marijuana-was-legalized-teenager-use-decreased-14328

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