Pandora Launches New LatinX Music Station

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In honor in Hispanic Heritage Month, ending on October 15th, Pandora has created a new radio station called “El Detour”. The station will feature a wide variety of LatinX artists from the mainstream to the sub genres.

Marcos Juarez, Pandora’s Head of Latin Music explained why Pandora decided to create a LatinX station. “El Detour had been in the works for months, but we identified Hispanic Heritage Month as being a great window to market and launch it. We knew that we would have resources to do something special around this timing and the station narrative fit so well into the statement we wanted to make with respect to the celebration of LatinX culture. Basically, we wanted to expose the fluidity of creative identity as expressed through the music. We hope that El Detour helps to dispel the notion that Latin music is static, mono-cultural and homogeneous. The idea is to give a platform to the artists and music that defy genre and push the music forward.”

Since Hispanics make up the largest minority group in the United States. It is appropriate that their music, a hidden gem, finds its way into more mainstream channels. If you are a Pandora user, check out El Detour. 


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