Smuggling Tunnel Discovered Between US and Mexico

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Mexican drug cartels have long been smuggling their products into the US through tunnels, vehicles, rail tracks, air ventilation systems, etc. Last August, US officials discovered a tunnel connecting Tijuana, Mexico to San Diego, California. The tunnel’s length – the longest passageway yet stretching 4,308 feet or four fifth of a mile – and its sophistication testify to the persistent threat posed by Mexico’s drug cartels. Since 2016, more than a dozen smuggling tunnels have been discovered between Mexico and the US.

Mexico’s drug cartels continue to be a huge disruptive force in both Mexico and the US by terrorizing Mexico’s public with frequent, revenge murders and by acting as a enabler for America’s drug addiction. Ever since 2014, Mexico’s homicide rate had been increasing until November of last year when it peaked at 19th highest in the world. Meantime, the US has the highest level of drug overdose deaths among wealthy nations.

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