Some Netflix Christmas Movies Will Get You in the Spirit

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If you have plans for a staycation this Christmas, Netflix has got you covered! Everything from kids’ movies to background music is streaming for the holidays. Here’s a list of our favorite Netflix Christmas movies. There’s something for everyone!

Trolls Holiday

Start the holiday season with some pink sparkle and troll hair! This kid-friendly movie is sure to leave everyone jazzed. If you plan on watching this movie with a cup of hot chocolate, add your own troll glitter with sprinkles and whipped cream.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Celebrate the holidays with Jim Carrey, Dr. Seuss and The Who’s. Some parts might get a bit scary for younger kids, but if you have a house full of teenagers, they’ll appreciate the dark humor.

You Can’t Fight Christmas

There’s the classic struggle between good and evil. Then, there’s a movie about the hilarious struggles between Christmas-lovers and Christmas-haters. Is there really a way to make someone love Christmas? Watch this movie to find out!

Tree Man

If you’re not into fiction or holiday cartoons, tune in to this documentary about entrepreneurs who sell trees on the streets of NYC.


This is a Netflix cartoon original, so by default it’s a must watch. It’s about a young postman who meets a man named Klaus. We think something magical happens afterwards. The images probably look familiar because this movie is created by the same guy who made Despicable Me.

Holiday Rush

Finally, for a heart-warming, family-oriented movie, check out Holiday Rush. This comedy is about a recently fired DJ, making it through the Christmas season with his crazy family.

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