Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are developing new policies to require games to disclose loot box odds on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. Loot boxes are common in games such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, Middle-earth: Shadow of War and NBA 2k18. Originally developed for monetizing free-to-play mobile games, they are virtual tools that can be bought in the digital world. Full implementation of this feature is expected in 2020. Some loot box items are cosmetic with no influence on gaming success; however, others are designed to induce players who spend money to succeed. Example: The 2017 game Star-Wars Battlefront II has been criticized for loot boxes requiring full retail prices while not providing the items as expected. Previous industry efforts to limit loot box problems included ratings and password-protected spending controls. The new loot box odds will be presented in a clear and understandable way according to the Entertainment Software Association. 

PlayStation 5 is in the works…that we know.

What we don’t know is when it will be released, how much it will cost, or if the name will even be PlayStation 5. It is a pretty safe assumption PS5 will be the name of Sony’s newest console as has been consistent with all their console names since the original PlayStation, but that has yet to be confirmed. Let’s discuss what we do know about the inevitable release from Sony.

As far as the release date goes, we know it will not be dropping before April of 2020. Sony has been rather tongue in cheek about the subject matter keeping info on the release date close to chest. It is very possible a release could be closer to the holiday season of 2020 as Microsoft has so often done with the release of their Xbox units. In terms of the pricing, while that information has also not been disclosed, Sony did say they believe the pricing will be very appealing to gamers “in light of its advanced feature set”.

We do know that “PS5” WILL be compatible with PS4 games, also known as backwards compatibility, it will have SSD storage, and will support PSVR. That you can take to the bank. The SSD storage means that games will load much faster than those on the PS4, and can handle way more objects on screen than what the current devices can handle with a HDD storage system. We also know that the “PS5” will include a disc drive, so you still will be able to buy your games with a hard disc copy, and not have to download them all off an online store.

The public is still awaiting a ton of specifics from Sony, but teaser announcements from the company would suggest that the system is not too far away. Is the “PS5” going to be the next best system? Time will tell, but we certainly will be awaiting more info from the tech giants, Sony.