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Top 5 Destinations with No Reported Coronavirus

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A mysterious virus broke out in China over 2 months ago and now, it seems like the entire world has been affected, if not infected. That’s not quite true, there are still some places that don’t have any cases of the coronavirus. Let’s take a look at where they are.


This secluded island is the largest island in the world. Not only does it have no coronavirus, it hardly has a population, about 50,000. From the indigenous people there you can learn about the local fishing and hunting cultures. And you must be sure to check out the glaciers before global warming takes over and they melt away.


This South American country currently has zero cases of coronavirus, though perhaps not for long since it’s so close to Brazil. The terrain is varied, but probably the coolest thing to see and visit are the Andes Mountains. Boliva also has the world’s largest lake, which straddles both Bolivia and Peru, another coronavirus-free country.


Ethiopia cuisine has made its way to New York City, but luckily, no coronavirus has made its way to Ethiopia yet. The African continent is one of the few places on Earth where there are very few cases of coronavirus. However, if you’re not vaccinated for tropical mosquito-borne diseases, you may still end up getting sick.


This country that is north of China, has no reported cases of coronavirus. You can go snowboarding in Inner Mongolia where there is plenty of wilderness to explore. There are a couple of reasons why there isn’t any coronavirus in Mongolia. It could be that not many people travel there or it could be because people haven’t been tested for it. 


If you’re really looking to get away from everything, then head to Antarctica. This is the only continent in the world where there is no coronavirus. To get there requires you to travel to the southern tip of Chile and even from there, the trip to Antarctica proper will cost you a pretty penny. But you’re in luck, National Geographic is currently looking to give away an Antarctica trip!

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