Trump Attempted to Buy German Covid-19 Vaccine

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CureVac, a German biopharmaceutical company founded in 2000, recently issued a statement that they would have a covid-19 vaccine ready to be tested within a few months.

Seeing that, President Trump made an offer to buy the rights to the vaccine exclusively for the US for “large sums of money” said to be a billion dollars. The request provoked outrage from German leaders across the political spectrum. Christian Lindner, leader of the free-market oriented FDP party said “Obviously Trump will use any means available in an election campaign.” Heiko Maas, foreign minister and center-left SPD leader said German researchers were playing a leading role in vaccine research for the outbreak and “We cannot allow a situation where others want to exclusively acquire the results of their research.” Conservative lawmaker Erwin Rüddel said that “International co-operation is important now, not national self-interest.”

Trump’s offer comes at a time when many Germans, as well as most other countries of the world, feel particularly vulnerable. They have reported 4,838 infections and 12 deaths from the outbreak thus far.

CureVac describes its focus as “development of treatments against cancer, antibody-based therapies, treatment of rare illnesses and prophylactic vaccines.”

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