Wizards of Waverly Place Reboot?

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The Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney channel was a breakthrough project for David Henrie and Selena Gomez. Justin (David) and Alex (Selena) Russo were a tight knit pair of siblings in a tight knit family of magic. The duo was even tighter off the set, which is why they are both interested in bringing the show back for a reboot.

Disney has been going wild with reboots both in theaters and on their streaming platform Disney+ that’s coming in a few weeks.  With that said the idea of a Wizards reboot definitely has some traction. Nothing has been confirmed from Disney, but Henrie is pitching it hard. Here is what he had to say in a recent interview with ET, “We have a whole take. We have a whole thing. We want to start the show like a few years later; start them off at the worst place ever so that way throughout the series you give them a nice, beautiful arch of reuniting. Start them out divided.”

On where the characters would be years later, Henrie commented “Alex is a fashionista, off killing it in some other part of the realm. Justin’s, like, the principal who has a family now, of WizTech. Max has the sub shop, but it’s run down … Start us all completely discombobulated and then throughout the course of the series you bring us all together.” With Lizzie McGuire on the way back, as well as a That’s So Raven reboot, why not bring back the Russo family as well?  Let’s see if the idea picks up more traction in the coming weeks.

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