Woman Loses 72 pounds mixing Keto and Intermittent Fasting

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By now, we all know that diets don’t work, lifestyle changes do. Well, meet Cindy Escobar, she turned her life around by using a combination of the keto diet, intermittent fasting, and exercise. After a year of her new lifestyle, Cindy lost 72 pounds! Let’s take a look at what made this plan work for her and how you can make your own, customized, weight loss plan.

The Keto Diet

The Keto diet focuses on cutting out carbohydrates, which forces your body to convert fat to sugar (a simple carbohydrate), thereby depleting your fat supplies. Cindy’s diet consisted of high-protein, high-fat foods (cheese and yogurt and eggs), nuts and vegetables. While glucose (a sugar) is the molecule that gives you energy, proteins and fats help you feel full and reduce the amount of hunger-hormones produced by your stomach.

Fasting Through the Night

Intermittent fasting means not eating for a certain number of hours per day. The easiest way is to simply stop eating a few hours before bed time and eat breakfast/lunch at a later time. Cindy did a 7pm – 11am fast, meaning her body relied on her stored adipose tissue and muscles for 16 hours per day.


Since the body doesn’t discriminate between using fat or protein for fuel, working out is a way to sway that pendulum toward the fat side and away from the protein side. By adding some cardio and weight lifting into her routine, Cindy was able to minimize muscle loss while maximizing fat loss.

Combinations Work

Mixing and matching different diets and exercises is effective because there’s a lot of leeway if you fall off the wagon. If, for example, you ate a cookie for lunch, you’re still exercising (burning calories and increasing metabolism) and you’re still fasting. This type of thinking and living is much healthier than restricting yourself and then feeling guilty for not having enough self-control.

Input < Output

Remember, your body was meant to store fat (for future famines). We might not live in a world where we’re worried about the next meal, but our brains and our metabolisms don’t know that. In order to lose weight and stay in shape, people have to come up with new ways to input less than what we output.


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